A mobile app feature for Chase Mobile Banking.



Research, UX Design, UI Design


Courtney Leonard


80 hours


Pencil and paper, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, InVision

As a design exercise, I added features to the existing Chase mobile application. This project and was not contracted by J. P. Morgan Chase.

Project Background

Chase, owned by JP Morgan, has the mission to empower customers’ lives by creating engaged, lifelong relationships.

They have put a lot of effort in the past on providing the most relevant products for their customers, but now they want to go beyond and not just provide these products, but also tools to help them manage money better.

To start with, they want to focus on their mobile app. The latest studies show a continual increase of mobile usage for banking, which is significantly above desktop usage. Younger generations, such as Millennials, expect to be able to do everything on-the-go. 1 in 3 Millennials are open to switching banks within the next 90 days, stating that they just don’t see any differences between banks. They are so disassociated with the traditional banking system that most of them believe that innovation will come from outside the industry. Furthermore, 73% would be more interested in new financial services from Google, Apple, Amazon, PayPal, or Square than from their own nationwide bank.

According to the Consumer Federation of America, 71% of American households are involved in very light financial planning, such as basic budgeting and saving goals. The average debt of a household is $16,000 for those without a mortgage, and $132,500 for those with. Another sobering fact is the average credit score for Millennials is below 621 whereas the average credit score for those 50 and older is considered fair or higher.

Taking all of this into account, Chase sees an opportunity to make a difference, and help Millennials with their financial challenges. The typical personal finance management features include saving goals, budgets, calculators, and expense tracking.

Project Goals

  • Design a new personal finance management feature that embeds within the current Chase app

  • Create solutions to assist users to saving and budget

Design Process

Design process diagram.png


1 on 1 Interviews


Competitive Analysis


User Personas


User Flows


Hi-Fidelity Wireframes

Responsive Design

UI Design


Hi-fidelity Prototype

Usability Testing


Competitive Analysis

I performed a competitive analysis, looking at features offered by other mobile banking applications as well as indirect competing applications providing money managements services like budgeting, transferring funds, and saving.

The competitive analysis demonstrated a lack of spending, budgeting, and payment categorization tools in the current Chase application. I included these in my feature designs.



I conducted surveys to find out what tools people are using to manage their money, how much time they spent on their personal finances, and what their goals are, both for saving and knowledge.

Surveys were conducted online amongst ten female and male millennial users. They were asked to answer ten survey questions regarding their spending and saving habits, and financial goals.

Empathy Interviews

Empathy interviews revealed that users are looking to rebuild their savings for future job flexibility, pay off loans, save for travel, and to invest for retirement.

They are motivated to be more conscious of their spending by traveling, freedom, paying off loans, having a financial buffer, and seeing others with money problems or having monetary successes.

Interview participants noted they feel either stressed or empowered, slightly nervous and excited, and experience anxiety as if they never have enough money when they consider budgeting.

When asked what they would like to see in a financial app, they remarked that they would benefit from a tool to help them allocate a specific percentage of their income to different expenses, and a daily “snapshot” or briefing of their accounts and spending.



User Personas

Research defined the Marie and Ryan personas, key hypothetical users of the Chase Mobile application. Both Marie and Ryan represent millennial users looking to gain confidence in their finances, but with varying goals, motivations, and backgrounds.


This sitemap defines the already existing architecture of the Chase mobile application with the additional pages of the new features I designed, and their place in the current framework of the system.


User Flows

User flows articulate step by step process the user would take to complete the actions of creating a new Savings Goal, and new Budget Goal, both key additional features.


By creating mid fidelity wireframes, I articulated a layout for the money management features. The layout and user flows of the app were guided by my research, and existing user flows and design in the current Chase app. I made some adjustments to the current layout of the Chase app, with suggestions from my mentor to improve the information hierarchy, and highlight things users care most about seeing.


UI Design

UI Kit

This UI Kit defines all of the visual elements of the application so these elements can be carried through the website and application to maintain consistency with any future additions or alterations.

UI Kit.png

Applied UI

While maintaining Chase branding, I applied UI elements to the design.

Click below to see the full application of the UI design.



Using the Invision prototype, I tested with 5 users in person. Testers were tasked with creating a new budget category, adding expenses to that category and creating a new savings goal and contributing to it manually. All five tested users were able to complete the task flows.

moving forward

From feedback offered during usability testing, additional features could be added to this application to link GPS to the application to help users maintain their budget with notifications of their budget status when entering store locations. I also think more interactive features to help users stay motivated to reach their savings goals would be a valuable way to improve this product.


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